Role of Photographer in Wedding

Role of Photographer in Wedding

As the saying goes, memories last for a lifetime, for that you have to capture your all memories in one packet & for that you need a good photographer who will help you to remember your wedding just the way you want. More »

The Perfect Wedding

The Perfect Wedding

The long wait is over and you have finally been asked the four magic words \"will you marry me\". And then all the planning and excitement begins! You have the location to decide upon, your wedding dress, accessories, wedding More »

Worry no more - your wedding day is special enjoy it!

Worry no more - your wedding day is special enjoy it!

Your wedding day is that special day of your life when you want to feel special. To feel like a princess with dreamy thoughts of \"And they lived happily ever after\". The last thing you want is - happy thoughts interrupted with More »

Dream Wedding comes true with Tropical Wedding Key West

Dream Wedding comes true with Tropical Wedding Key West

Tropical Wedding Key west guides will assist you with making your tropical wedding paradise the event of a lifetime. They make wedding dream come true. The goal is to make your Key West destination wedding stress free, beautiful More »

Selecting A Wedding Venue Tips And Guide

Selecting A Wedding Venue Tips And Guide

When people try and marry, they will surely imagine that it would be a conference which happens only once a new life. Of course, they would not really expect to have your second wedding. At least if they get their very first marriage More »


The Perfect Wedding

The long wait is over and you have finally been asked the four magic words “will you marry me”. And then all the planning and excitement begins! You have the location to decide upon, your wedding dress, accessories, wedding menus, the perfect photographer to capture your day, pretty flower decorations, bride’s maid outfits, cake, music, the first dance- oh the list is exhausting! You just wish someone could read your mind and work out everything for you! Yes – your wish shall be fulfilled – we present you with exactly this – the ultimate wedding planner tools to help plan, save and share the most special day of your life!
Visit our online wedding planning website at . We have a whole list of tools enriched with wedding information, to get you through the entire planning process. Lets’ see – when you begin with the perfect location for your wedding, the one that you have been dreaming of ever since you were a little girl, we have a host of options listed for you all over Ireland. Our wedding venues section provides the most elegant and beautiful venues all over Ireland – the Keadeen Hotel, Loughrynn Castle, Fota Island Resort – to name a few. An exquisite backdrop for your wedding is a good place to begin your wedding plan.
Our Wedding Supplier Directory- here’s where you will find most of your answers! As promised, we are here to help you to the minutest detail. We have an expansive list of suppliers to aid your decision making process plus graphics to “show” you what the wedding dress or the accessories or the maid’s dresses look like. The My Planner tool is a virtual personal assistant. You can provide a budget, create a to-do list, keep a track of all your appointments, post the “preferred choices” to the “Inspiration Board”, create a guest list, and even plan the seating arrangements, RSVP’s and your very own personal wedding website! You can make changes online whenever you like, save online, e-mail or even print out. Wedding planning made easy! has all the prerequisites for a wonderful wedding -the stylish tastes of today’s brides and grooms as regards to weddings bands and DJ’s, wedding apparels with a touch of exclusivity for all – the groom, the bride, moms’, dads’, maids and best men! Complete with tips on wine selection, menus for the wedding dinner, moreover, you can share tips and get some suggestions from other registered brides to be and grooms. And not to forget the honeymoon locations listed.
Look like a star – gleaming and radiant – on the day that you will look back upon for the rest of your life. Our health and beauty section gives you tips to get that “look” for your big day – the perfectly pampered skin and the perfect glow!
A girl’s got to do what she ought to do – but grooms out there – you have loads of options here as well – check out our tips on the ring selections, tips on the wedding speech preparation etc. We have a whole section especially to ease the process for you too-all wedding information in one place!
Don’t let today’s busy world ruin your wedding day! We at have everything you need to take the stress out of your planning and make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life. You’ve got a genie in your hands (or on your computer screen) – your wish is our command! Register now, it’s free and takes less than a minute. – wedding planning made easy!

Worry no more – your wedding day is special enjoy it!

Your wedding day is that special day of your life when you want to feel special. To feel like a princess with dreamy thoughts of “And they lived happily ever after”. The last thing you want is – happy thoughts interrupted with thoughts of “the cake never arrived”, “the dinner will be late”, “the flowers are not the right colour!” Scary isn’t it? Well, we have a perfect solution for you – a website well equipped to pre – plan everything wedding related! You plan and we have the tools for you. We at are here for you and promise to be by your side from the very beginning until you say you’re “I do.” is an online portal providing wedding information to help you plan and manage every aspect of your wedding day. The My Planner tool is a perfect wedding planning tool, complete with a budget planner, a countdown planner, a guest list and a seating arrangement planner too! With many more such facilities, we shall be sure to walk with you every step towards the aisle. Once the wedding is announced, time flies and before you know, you are already in your wedding gown and flashing smiles for the camera! has a comprehensive supplier directory. You no longer need to go hunting for wedding venues, dresses music, shoes, champagne – anything. You can find it right here on our online portal. Our registered brides can just click – click and locate suppliers for just about anything that says “wedding”.

For health and beauty tips, for wedding themes, for honeymoon locations, we provide forums for discussions and posts by other members too. You can communicate with other brides and share top tips and make your day perfect. gets all similar minds together to help each other when planning their bug day! We have a list of wedding venues too! To top it up, we have a facility to add your favorite images of hair and makeup styles, flower bouquets and cakes and many more to your very own created “inspiration board”, saving you time trawling through bridal magazines. You can walk down the aisle with confidence that everything has been taken care of. Whether it is beauty treatment, fitness tips, flower arrangements, accessories that go perfectly with the bridal clothes, the perfect wedding venues for your special day, or the wedding bands and DJs – we shall assist you to plan every aspect.

With loads of options to select from, we at help brides all over Ireland with all the details. Putting together a ceremony that will linger in your minds long after the wedding day is over is every bride’s specialty – it’s inborn – and we shall aid in organizing it in the best possible way! With all the festivities, and fun and frolic of the day with all your nearest and dearest ones with you, we understand that you need to enjoy your day. So worry no more – we are here for you with the most exclusive wedding planning tools to assist you. So, for all the brides here, have a fantastic wedding in Ireland and put away all the interrupting thoughts until the day is over!

Dream Wedding comes true with Tropical Wedding Key West

Tropical Wedding Key west guides will assist you with making your tropical wedding paradise the event of a lifetime. They make wedding dream come true. The goal is to make your Key West destination wedding stress free, beautiful and unique. From simple Key West wedding on the beach to tropical key west wedding at sunset with all the bells and whistle, Tropical wedding Key West planner will do it for you. So let Tropical Wedding Key West plan your next event in style. Their team of experts takes advantage of the weather, location and everything possible to make your event the perfect one. No other event planner will address all your concerns like Tropical Wedding Key West. Your satisfaction is their number one goal. Let them plan your beautiful dream beach wedding or tropical event. If you can dream it, they can make it come true.

They have the best wedding planners, wedding are one of life’s greatest milestones and have been for centuries. Get Key West wedding planner ideas and use their Wedding Planning Checklist to help with all of your Key West Wedding Planning needs. Start Planning a Wedding in Tropical wedding Key West today! Tropical wedding Key West on the Beach are so Romantic, Elegant and Tropical. Weddings in Florida Keys are just beautiful! Their approach is to be personable and energetic, as well as unobtrusive. They are devoted to giving you and your guest the most beautiful, romantic and affordable experience of a lifetime. Planner’s listen to you and make it happen in the most realistic terms, if something that can’t be done; they can help turn your idea into a better one that can actually work. They will give you peace of mind, they make sure you enjoy your wedding moment and be a relaxed guest at your wedding and not a stressed-out problem solver. They really do understand your vision for your wedding and they’ll make sure your wedding day is the happiest day of your life.

Key west Planner make sure that lot of attention is given to you and to your big day, be it large or small wedding everyone gets the VIP treatment, they know family truly cares about your wedding and they will do everything they can do to make it everything you envisioned and more! They will create you dream day just ask and they will make it happen.
Key west wedding Package – a wedding cake, bamboo or classic round arch, flower decoration, hair and make-up for Bride to be, chair, bamboo torches, live music, limo transportation, romantic dinner with private chef, wedding flowers for the bride, wedding photography, and much more. They will make the most important day of your life unforgettable. There is also a complimentary tost for newlyweds, one hour of photographer (includes upto 50 pic ) and Simple Arch (includes fabric decoration, choice of colors).

They offer effortless planning for every aspect of your wedding day and affordable key west wedding package, Relax, enjoy your big day and leave the rest to them, so be dazzled not frazzled.

They will make sure your life together as husband and wife has a fairly tale beginning!

Role of photographer in wedding

As the saying goes, memories last for a lifetime, for that you have to capture your all memories in one packet & for that you need a good photographer who will help you to remember your wedding just the way you want.
In a complete wedding package, according to me, beautiful designer wedding Invitation card (with accessories), venue examples and photographer is given.
Wedding photography is one of the important activities that come after two or three things. Also, without photography one cannot remember about his/her wedding. It’s a way through which one can get lots of memories in weddings. It encircles the photographs of couples before the wedding, as well as on the wedding and on reception as well. It left all the footprints in life of a couple.
Primarily there are two types of wedding photographers: one is traditional and other is photo-journalistic. A traditional photographer creates more classical posed photos while photo-journalistic captures more focused on capturing candid photos.
But now-a-days contemporary wedding photography is more popular. These capture the entire story and environment, so that whenever one would see those moments it would look real and more revealing & it’s also different from those posed photos because it looks more real than those photos.
While choosing a good photographer you have kept 3 things in mind: personality of the photographer, style of him and his cost. Before selecting any photographer you should get to know about the photographer.
The Photographer should provide you 3 things: Video CD/DVD, images in the form of a slideshow and in the album.
Now the second important thing is choosing the right album for your wedding. There are many varieties of albums in the market like traditional matted albums, contemporary style, hardbound style or scrapbook style or any other. You can choose according to your budget and according to your need. Also while giving photographs to you; photographers take some of the pictures with them as a sample. Photographers have to put lots of hard work in editing each and every thing for the albums. They have to put right color, theme, background; clarity would be good, pixels should be good and many things in the right direction in order to get an appreciation from their viewer.
Give careful consideration for your photography budget and invest according to that because these are the main way to keep memorable days of past in the future.

Selecting A Wedding Venue Tips And Guide

When people try and marry, they will surely imagine that it would be a conference which happens only once a new life. Of course, they would not really expect to have your second wedding. At least if they get their very first marriage they do not think in that way. Therefore, just about every couple would want to have an ideal wedding. If you try to be able to plan the particular wedding, you will understand that there are a lot of problems that you would encounter. You will need to tackle these problems in the step-by-step way so that things may be solved. On the list of problems would be to select an acceptable wedding venue. While individuals are very active at choosing the proper clothes, they really forget the incredible importance of choosing acceptable wedding venues. Plenty of points would be involved when people ought to think of wedding venues. To begin with, the location than it is quite essential. And by studying the location than it, people could narrow down the alternatives and they will not really find it so confusing. Beneficial location for wedding venues must be exotic also it should be near to families. When the location is extremely far away, your mother and father and company may need to travel for a long distance and it might be quite problematic indeed. Indeed, it comes to your travel issue. When you set up your wedding, you’ll want to find a venue during which your guests might find places to be able to park their own cars. Should the location of your respective wedding is not all-around urban centers; you also have to give them books when they call at your wedding venues. Otherwise, anyone may be past due to becoming lost in the vacation.

When you start organizing a wedding it can look that you have a tremendous task in advance of you, along with sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. The first items to look at usually are your budget plus the size of one’s guest list, nevertheless the next main item on the list should be locating your wedding venue. With no booking a venue it can be tough to set to start a date for the wedding, and many couples don’t need to announce his or her engagement until eventually they have fixed on a wedding date. Start accumulating information on wedding venues whenever you get operating if not ahead of. The internet is a great way to start your search and you could download pamphlets or inquire venues to post the crooks to you. Receiving plenty of info on various wedding venues in your neighborhood you want to acquire married will assist you to narrow down your pursuit. Ideally you need to start looking at wedding venues twelve to 20 months previous to your wedding to give you plenty of time to consider several, and also to take a next look at the people you really similar to. Try to reserve several week-ends for venue appointments and just look at one on a daily basis so you develop the chance to rest and take up the surroundings. If you want to maintain your wedding ceremony and wedding reception at the exact same venue you have a little bit easier task, but if you’ll need a church wedding you need to start looking since far ahead as possible to make certain your venue as well as the church can be purchased on the same day time. Generally you need to aim to come up with a firm making your reservation for with you final choice of venue nine to twelve many weeks before the wedding. However, if you are marriage on a Weekend in optimum wedding season you may have to book around half a year earlier. In case you are getting married for a popular venue you may want to book even further onward; fashionable wedding venues will surely have waiting directories of two to three years, by incorporating brides to be putting their particular names straight down before many people even acquire engaged.

For people who think that they will hold the wedding throughout hotels, there are also things that they must pay attention to. As an example, they need to think about the size of the area. If there are a variety of guests, the size of everyone in the room may not be spacious enough. In addition, couples might need to decide on the kind of dishes served in the wedding. Would it be a official dinner or maybe a buffet? Everything would have to always be decided from the couples. When people attempt to have wedding using some public places, they may need to seek out approval from the related parties. Not all locations would be utilized as wedding venues in addition to couples might need to check cautiously before they get married. Otherwise, things would suck on the wedding day time and a lot of intricate things will occur. To conclude, it’s not at all very difficult intended for couples to experience a perfect wedding so long as they are happy to think in addition to plan carefully before the wedding. At times, couples might need to have concurrent plans since there may be a few changes in the particular wedding day. Throughout the wedding day partners would be worried and there has to be lot of quick things that need decisions in the couples. Therefore, prepare for those sudden points beforehand would have been a good solution to reduce anxiety on wedding day time.

Wedding is the most important day in a person’s everyday living, so everyone tries to make the wedding time unforgettable. Despite the fact that all arrangements for the wedding enjoy an important role for producing the event effective, but the need for venues is higher as compared to all other arrangements. Venue is a place that is specified as well as designed to hold wedding ceremonies. Any venue has all the facilities and offers enough area to a large number of people successfully. Most of additional wedding arrangements are usually dependent and influenced from the venue, so it goes that venue is a crucial factor to create the wedding event successful or unsuccessful. There are several venues all over the world which have been known on account of providing features to the company that make the stay in excess of there cozy. Before hiring wedding venues, folks must hold few issues in mind so your venue is perfect for the wedding. There is no doubt that individuals have to consider their budget before selecting a wedding venue, but it have to be considered that the wedding venue provides enough space to the number of family and friends invited within a wedding. A wedding venue that is certainly very small or perhaps too large to the number of friends is not well suited for making the event wonderful; however it can kill all wedding arrangements.

Wedding is the most get together of the existence which brings brand-new meanings alive. So as to tag the beginning of a contented journey involving married life, it is important to celebrate the particular moments connected with wedding celebrations inside best possible way. In order to make your ideal wedding the most appreciated memory for you and an enjoyable event for the guests who’ll come from considerably and near bless you, many methods from wedding photography to help wedding feast must be wonderful. For the you need to simply select the best one of many various wedding venues in any city, which often suit the taste and standard. Concept of the relationship plays a crucial role in picking the wedding venue in any city. You first need to select your current wedding theme, which is often garden wedding, fairy tale wedding, palatial wedding etc after which it search for the wedding venues in any location which can be very easily adapted much like your wedding theme. Once the listing of such wedding venues is ready, you need to shortlist a few one of those which are suitable for your budget along with catering demands. Before taking any decision, it is advisable to visit these kinds of wedding venues and select this you find the most beneficial suitable regarding facilities, companies and hospitality. While you are arranging the wedding parties, you need to shell out special interest towards the menus of the wedding banquet so that the companies are catered well. For your, its preferable to first determine the food products and refreshments you would like to add in your wedding food and then focus on the same using the chefs in the wedding venue in any area you have decided on. By doing so, you could avoid the last-minute hassles.

Trousseau Trunk Of Indian Brides – Indian Wedding Dresses

Culturally rich, full of colors and livelinessthats how I would like to describe India. Though describing a country like India in one sentence is complex therefore I wouldnt try to commit that mistake. Instead I would like to go some extra mile to enlighten everyone about the vibrancy of what I like most about Indian customs and tradition. Its none other than the effervescent big fat Indian weddings. India is known for its cultural and religious diversity, where each state has something special to offer in terms of tradition, ritual and fashion.

Wedding trousseau trunk of Indian brides varies from state to state and religion to religion. The trousseau of a Bengali bride boasts of two primary colors red and white. Considered as auspicious color in Hindu weddings, red colors rules the trousseau of a Bengali bride accompanied with intricately crafted gold jewelry. Choker necklace, jhumka earrings with shankha pola (red & white bangles) are considered as the most treasured pieces in her bridal trousseau.

Contrary to the Bengali bride, a Rajput bride put emphasis on the grandeur and opulence of the Rajput culture. Her trousseau will be packed with embellished outfits dipped in rustic color palette with accents of golden zari and gota work. Her treasure box essentially comprises of gold choker necklace, nath (nose pin), earrings and the bor (traditional maang tika). Classic heirloom jewelry assortment and charismatic kundan ornaments prettified with colorful gemstones like rubies, emerald and topaz add a touch of royalty to her trousseau.
Punjabi weddings are all about more glamour and glitter. Amidst the drum beats and festive galore, a Punjabi bride is decked up in richly embellished lehenga choli or a gorgeous salwar kameez. Scintillating gold jewelry highlighting opulence with zari and zardozi embroidered Indian bridal wear completes her look for the wedding. The trousseau of a Punjabi bride includes a large variety of Indian bridal dresses ranging from salwar kameez, sarees, and lehengas.

Moving from north to south, a bride from a Malayali family exudes beauty through sparkling precious yellow gold jewelry. Draped in the traditional white Kasavu saree with golden self woven threads into it, the bridal trousseau of south Indian bride include dozens of gold necklaces, earrings, saree belt, bracelets and bangles that are a symbol of prosperity and growth of the family.

With every passing season, fashion is evolving and so is the wedding industry. Fashion designers are experimenting with Indian bridal wear designs. From jacket style lehenga to bridal sarees with a sari belt, fashion designers are bringing up new styles to allure the modern brides. According to the Indian wedding dresses 2013 trend report, new refreshing colors will be ruling the palette for example aquamarine, ivory, vintage pink and peach. Haute couture dresses with extra flare and ruffles and a touch of vintage will be the new fashion for wedding 2013.

Tips On When To Wear A Black Sleeveless Dress

To enrich your wardrobe with exceptional dress, definitely you could choose the gorgeous sleeveless black dress. It could either be of strapless, halter top, tank top, or it may well be a spaghetti straps, but, the thing is that it must be a black sleeveless dress.

Lady-loving Lunch:

Your husband may be demandingly engaged in his own business and you may be having an opportunity to go for dine with some other socialites. People always love and prefer to have lunch with princess of latest fashion. The great decision you have to make is to decide what to wear, to give the impression of a princess.

Your choice could be black sleeveless dress, which forms to be practical. You could fancy it by wearing stylish sleeve over it. Usually, cherry color jacket forms to be a great choice for lunch.

To have a fine first look wear jacket with pale and cheerful color such as yellow or pink. You could embellish it with ornaments like nude pantyhose, mary janes, and a pearl stud to have a complete look of your black sleeveless dress.

Business arrangement:

When you are getting ready to attend a meeting related to business, it certainly is outstanding if you dress up in a black sleeveless dress along with a gray jacket of supremacy over it. It could give magnificent look with a tiny stud in your ears. You could also select big buttoned earrings, but avoid dropping earrings, chandeliers, or hoops as they may have distractions. On the whole your dress must be serious looking one for this purpose.

Romantic meet:

For your meet with your lovable one, you are in dire need to appear being in feminine look. You could pick a black sleeveless dress and a shawl around it and it may give you fabulous look. Be conscious in selecting the shawl, it must not be one that for granny. Of course, if you are young enough, you could go with out it. To enhance your feminine look you could pleasantly fasten your hair at the back or allow it to tumble loose, after making it to be curly. To add glamour you could wear gold or silver shawl for your black sleeveless dress. Finally, if you are in strappy heels you are fantastically, ready for the meet.

Dressed for killing:

Are you getting ready to go for club, intended for formal date or a walk in a red carpet? For any of this reason you could use your black sleeveless dress and it may not give out your hands.

If you are getting ready to attend a formal wedding, you could fancy yourself with black sleeveless dress with the combination of patent heels with toning handbag. And your head shall carry a black and white silk hat. Even if you are a bride in the wedding, make your bridal dress with rich fabric black sleeveless dress.
The proposal for selecting your black sleeveless dress along with corresponding jacket, wrap or bolero is to enable you have free mobility and in the evening if you go for dancing you could feel more comfortable.

Home Mechanic Repair Stand Comparisons

These days, I do all my research online before making any major purchase. I even researched my wedding suit this way and went from knowing zilch to having pretty good understanding of all the possible suit materials you could buy (you want 100% wool!). In researching a good home mechanic repair stand to use for general maintenance and cleaning of a mountain bike, I read every review I could find on four bicycle work stands that I had heard a bit about. The below is a compilation of all the info I abstracted from their various reviewers. I have not tested all of these repair stands myself. These review notes were pulled from multiple reviewers online and put together for easy reference.

Spin Doctor Quickstand Work Stand

Very inexpensive work stand.
Parts touching the bike are rubberized so it doesn’t scratch your bike.
It is small and lightweight and if you unbolt the base, it can be easily transported.

If you’re going to do anything major, you may not be happy with this stand.
Because of how it holds the bike up, it doesn’t work well if you have a curved chain stay, disk breaks or if the seat and chain stay are close together.
It can be easily scratched and is not so great for stability.

Summary: The Spin Doctor Quickstand is a cheap work repair stand. It supports the bike by the seat and chainstays; to get the rear wheel off the ground so minor work or cleaning can be done. If you will be doing very minor maintenance or cleaning, you have a very normal frame, and budget is your #1 concern, then perhaps you may consider this stand. However if you want a good quality stand, this one will not be for you. Every satisfied review I read was satisfied because of the price and they weren’t doing anything major. There were a number of unsatisfied reviews, mostly because it worked like a cheap stand.

Spin Doctor Pro G3 Work Stand

Hefty, sturdy and stable.
Quick and easy to set up and can easily fold up and be put away.
Holds your bike at a range of heights.
The clamp is easy to use and versatile.
Has a small parts bin.

Quality wise it is not comparable to a Park Tool stand, so if you’ve used a Park, you may be disappointed.
Some reviewers commented it was a bit heavy, but others were good with the weight.
Long term use could be an issue as it has plastic washers and plastic teeeth on the adjuster locks which some reviewers felt had the potential to wear down.
Wobbles a bit if you do really heavy wrenching or have a real heavy bike that is not placed just right.

Summary: The Spin Doctor Pro G3 Work Stand is not the best home mechanic repair stand on the market nor is it the worst. It will hold your bike sturdy and in place at a decent price. Those looking at long term use or more heavy duty repairs may want something of slightly better quality.

Ultimate Pro Work Stand

Very sturdy and stable.
Quick and easy to set up.
It can be folded up and be put away.
Holds your bike at a range of heights.
Use a knob for quick release clamping action.

Not the cheapest stand out there (most expensive on my list).
Paint scratches easily.
Not super stable with a big mountain bike.

Summary: The Ultimate Pro Work Stand is a good quality bike work stand for home mechanics. It is not that popular as I had a hard time finding reviews for this one but most of those who owned it were happy with it. It is a little expensive, and if you have a really big mountain bike, you might need a more heavy duty stand.

Park Tool PCS-10 Home Mechanic Repair Stand

Very strong, stable and durable.
Holds the bike at a range of heights.
Easy to use quick release clamp.
Very well designed.
Can be folded up and stored away easily.
Quick release height adjustment.
Easy to assemble.

Assembly instructions can be found on Park Tool’s website, not with the product.

Summary: The Park Tool PCS-10 is a very popular stand, had the most positive reviews online and the least negative comments out of the above four work stands. I specifically searched to try and find some more negative comments but only came up with only the above. A good quality all around home mechanic work stand.

Do It Yourself – Wedding Gown Preservation

The very first thing you may be asking yourself is: “Why would I ever want to try and clean my own wedding gown?” If you noticed the wear tag in the dress it says something like: “Dry Clean Only”. So if you’re thinking of doing your own gown cleaning isn’t that taking an awfully big risk. Do you want to take the chance of damaging or destroying your cherished gown?

Probably the reason you’re trying to clean your own wedding gown would be to save money. Everyone wants to save money….so let’s examine this situation a little further.

Go ahead and read your fabric labels carefully. If your wedding gown is silk or is a silk blend then don’t even attempt to clean it yourself. If your gown and the lining are polyester then it is actually possible to do your own gown cleaning.

Before you start the process you should consider: Does the dress have beads on it? Are the beads sewn on or glued on? Does the gown have sequins? Are they sewn on or glued on? You need to be extra careful if the wedding gown is beaded or has sequins.

Ok, you still want to proceed!

The dirtiest place is around the hem of the gown. You’ll need to use a detergent mix, or even “oxiclean” made into a paste. Gently scrub the dirty hem with your mixture. Next pay special attention to the neckline and “arm pits” of the wedding dress. These areas also become more soiled than other areas and tend to stain easily.

Examine the rest of the gown carefully for any other spots or stains. Some wines spots will not leave a stain but should be scrubbed as well. Cake, food or natural oils from your hands can also leave areas that need special attention.

If you are going to use a washing machine to clean your dress instead of hand washing, turn the wedding dress inside out before placing in the washer.

It’s best if you have a large capacity front loading washer. Then just place the wedding gown inside and wash on the gentle cycle.

If all you have is a top loading waster you’ll need to be extra careful. The washing action tends to twist your dress up considerably.
Something also to consider before you start this process: are you going to try and press the gown yourself or have it professionally steamed/pressed after you clean it. If you are planning on hand pressing with an iron it can be very tedious and can damage – even scorch the fabric and it can melt the sequins and some beads.

However, if you’re going to have your wedding dress professionally steamed/pressed check before and see what you will be charged. Sometimes your local dry cleaner will charge nearly as much for this gown steaming and pressing as they do for their whole preservation service. (see the article on local dry cleaning compared to professional Wedding Gown Preservation on our website).

Usually if you actually want to save money, time and stress you should consider having your wedding gown professionally cleaned and preserved.

Several companies provide a complete kit that they will send you to make it easy. The wedding gown preservation kit should contain everything you need. It should contain a shipping box, a customer invoice, and complete instructions.

You’ll place your dress in the box provided with the invoice. Seal up the box with the sealing tape and place the pre-paid shipping label on the box. Everything is pre-paid so all you need to do is take the completed package to any UPS/Fed Ex. Store.

Your dress will be shipped back to you (no extra cost) to any address in the US (whatever address you have placed on the invoice).

Go ahead and Google “Wedding Gown Preservation” and you’ll find several options. Look over the websites and prices and choose the best option for you.

The Silk Road 5 Tips On Buying Fabulous Silk Sarees

The long standing symbol of silk as a sign of wealth runs deeply. Sarees made of silk are very popular for special events like weddings in India and around the world. Fortunately there are ways to ensure that you get the quality material that you are looking for. Your journey to find and buy a fabulous silk saree will be smooth and straight after learning just 5 tips.

The first tip for buying silk saree fabric is to learn how to detect real silk like an expert. Real silk comes from the cocoon of Bombyx mori. The process of changing these cocoons into usable silk is intricate and expensive, and manufacturers sometimes add other materials to the product to reduce costs. Real silk is not slippery to the touch; it usually has a seal of some sort to verify that it is pure, and if you can take a few strands to burn there will be a black residue and a bad odor. Also, sarees made from pure silk are light-weight and have properties that help to keep you cool in warmer weather. These same properties keep warm air near the wearers skin in cooler weather. Check the labels, feel the material, and ask the shop associates for authentication of the materials in question.

The second tip for when youre shopping for your silk saree is that you should take special notice of the various prices. Whether you are internet shopping or at a department store shopping, a suspiciously low price pure silk garment should raise a red flag in your minds eye. Prices for silk run from about $80.00 – $200.00USD for sarees depending on the detailing on the material and the length of the material. These prices will vary a bit but investigate a little before you make your purchase.

The Third tip for when you are shopping for your material is to be conscious of the store brands. Go where you feel confident of their legitimacy. When searching for that extra special silk garment for a wedding or any other high-classed event you most likely will see names like Kancheepuram, Bandhni, Ikkat, Patola, Jamavar, Mamdani, Orrisa or south silk. Just make sure you can authenticate whatever brand you are purchasing.

The fourth tip for when searching for your quality silks is to feel the weight of the material. There are varying weights to silk indicating the quality of the make. The heavier the material the longer it will last. It will cost you more to get the heavier material, but it may be worth it for you. Silk is typically weighed in grams or momme. 1 ounce is the equivalent of 8 momme and 28 grams. Silk is considered heavy if it weighs more than 28 mm. You may want to ask a store clerk to help you find the weight that you want.

The fifth tip for when shopping for that special saree is to beware of gold additives. Most gold thread is actually a sort of wire material overlaid with gold which can ruin your garment. When looking at the details of your material consider stitching that doesnt include gold. Equipped with just 5 tips, you should be confident in your ability to purchase beautiful quality silk sarees.