Role of Photographer in Wedding

Role of Photographer in Wedding

As the saying goes, memories last for a lifetime, for that you have to capture your all memories in one packet & for that you need a good photographer who will help you to remember your wedding just the way you want. More »

The Perfect Wedding

The Perfect Wedding

The long wait is over and you have finally been asked the four magic words \"will you marry me\". And then all the planning and excitement begins! You have the location to decide upon, your wedding dress, accessories, wedding More »

Worry no more - your wedding day is special enjoy it!

Worry no more - your wedding day is special enjoy it!

Your wedding day is that special day of your life when you want to feel special. To feel like a princess with dreamy thoughts of \"And they lived happily ever after\". The last thing you want is - happy thoughts interrupted with More »

Dream Wedding comes true with Tropical Wedding Key West

Dream Wedding comes true with Tropical Wedding Key West

Tropical Wedding Key west guides will assist you with making your tropical wedding paradise the event of a lifetime. They make wedding dream come true. The goal is to make your Key West destination wedding stress free, beautiful More »

Selecting A Wedding Venue Tips And Guide

Selecting A Wedding Venue Tips And Guide

When people try and marry, they will surely imagine that it would be a conference which happens only once a new life. Of course, they would not really expect to have your second wedding. At least if they get their very first marriage More »


The Perfect Wedding

The long wait is over and you have finally been asked the four magic words “will you marry me”. And then all the planning and excitement begins! You have the location to decide upon, your wedding dress, accessories, wedding menus, the perfect photographer to capture your day, pretty flower decorations, bride’s maid outfits, cake, music, the first dance- oh the list is exhausting! You just wish someone could read your mind and work out everything for you! Yes – your wish shall be fulfilled – we present you with exactly this – the ultimate wedding planner tools to help plan, save and share the most special day of your life!
Visit our online wedding planning website at . We have a whole list of tools enriched with wedding information, to get you through the entire planning process. Lets’ see – when you begin with the perfect location for your wedding, the one that you have been dreaming of ever since you were a little girl, we have a host of options listed for you all over Ireland. Our wedding venues section provides the most elegant and beautiful venues all over Ireland – the Keadeen Hotel, Loughrynn Castle, Fota Island Resort – to name a few. An exquisite backdrop for your wedding is a good place to begin your wedding plan.
Our Wedding Supplier Directory- here’s where you will find most of your answers! As promised, we are here to help you to the minutest detail. We have an expansive list of suppliers to aid your decision making process plus graphics to “show” you what the wedding dress or the accessories or the maid’s dresses look like. The My Planner tool is a virtual personal assistant. You can provide a budget, create a to-do list, keep a track of all your appointments, post the “preferred choices” to the “Inspiration Board”, create a guest list, and even plan the seating arrangements, RSVP’s and your very own personal wedding website! You can make changes online whenever you like, save online, e-mail or even print out. Wedding planning made easy! has all the prerequisites for a wonderful wedding -the stylish tastes of today’s brides and grooms as regards to weddings bands and DJ’s, wedding apparels with a touch of exclusivity for all – the groom, the bride, moms’, dads’, maids and best men! Complete with tips on wine selection, menus for the wedding dinner, moreover, you can share tips and get some suggestions from other registered brides to be and grooms. And not to forget the honeymoon locations listed.
Look like a star – gleaming and radiant – on the day that you will look back upon for the rest of your life. Our health and beauty section gives you tips to get that “look” for your big day – the perfectly pampered skin and the perfect glow!
A girl’s got to do what she ought to do – but grooms out there – you have loads of options here as well – check out our tips on the ring selections, tips on the wedding speech preparation etc. We have a whole section especially to ease the process for you too-all wedding information in one place!
Don’t let today’s busy world ruin your wedding day! We at have everything you need to take the stress out of your planning and make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life. You’ve got a genie in your hands (or on your computer screen) – your wish is our command! Register now, it’s free and takes less than a minute. – wedding planning made easy!

Worry no more – your wedding day is special enjoy it!

Your wedding day is that special day of your life when you want to feel special. To feel like a princess with dreamy thoughts of “And they lived happily ever after”. The last thing you want is – happy thoughts interrupted with thoughts of “the cake never arrived”, “the dinner will be late”, “the flowers are not the right colour!” Scary isn’t it? Well, we have a perfect solution for you – a website well equipped to pre – plan everything wedding related! You plan and we have the tools for you. We at are here for you and promise to be by your side from the very beginning until you say you’re “I do.” is an online portal providing wedding information to help you plan and manage every aspect of your wedding day. The My Planner tool is a perfect wedding planning tool, complete with a budget planner, a countdown planner, a guest list and a seating arrangement planner too! With many more such facilities, we shall be sure to walk with you every step towards the aisle. Once the wedding is announced, time flies and before you know, you are already in your wedding gown and flashing smiles for the camera! has a comprehensive supplier directory. You no longer need to go hunting for wedding venues, dresses music, shoes, champagne – anything. You can find it right here on our online portal. Our registered brides can just click – click and locate suppliers for just about anything that says “wedding”.

For health and beauty tips, for wedding themes, for honeymoon locations, we provide forums for discussions and posts by other members too. You can communicate with other brides and share top tips and make your day perfect. gets all similar minds together to help each other when planning their bug day! We have a list of wedding venues too! To top it up, we have a facility to add your favorite images of hair and makeup styles, flower bouquets and cakes and many more to your very own created “inspiration board”, saving you time trawling through bridal magazines. You can walk down the aisle with confidence that everything has been taken care of. Whether it is beauty treatment, fitness tips, flower arrangements, accessories that go perfectly with the bridal clothes, the perfect wedding venues for your special day, or the wedding bands and DJs – we shall assist you to plan every aspect.

With loads of options to select from, we at help brides all over Ireland with all the details. Putting together a ceremony that will linger in your minds long after the wedding day is over is every bride’s specialty – it’s inborn – and we shall aid in organizing it in the best possible way! With all the festivities, and fun and frolic of the day with all your nearest and dearest ones with you, we understand that you need to enjoy your day. So worry no more – we are here for you with the most exclusive wedding planning tools to assist you. So, for all the brides here, have a fantastic wedding in Ireland and put away all the interrupting thoughts until the day is over!

Dream Wedding comes true with Tropical Wedding Key West

Tropical Wedding Key west guides will assist you with making your tropical wedding paradise the event of a lifetime. They make wedding dream come true. The goal is to make your Key West destination wedding stress free, beautiful and unique. From simple Key West wedding on the beach to tropical key west wedding at sunset with all the bells and whistle, Tropical wedding Key West planner will do it for you. So let Tropical Wedding Key West plan your next event in style. Their team of experts takes advantage of the weather, location and everything possible to make your event the perfect one. No other event planner will address all your concerns like Tropical Wedding Key West. Your satisfaction is their number one goal. Let them plan your beautiful dream beach wedding or tropical event. If you can dream it, they can make it come true.

They have the best wedding planners, wedding are one of life’s greatest milestones and have been for centuries. Get Key West wedding planner ideas and use their Wedding Planning Checklist to help with all of your Key West Wedding Planning needs. Start Planning a Wedding in Tropical wedding Key West today! Tropical wedding Key West on the Beach are so Romantic, Elegant and Tropical. Weddings in Florida Keys are just beautiful! Their approach is to be personable and energetic, as well as unobtrusive. They are devoted to giving you and your guest the most beautiful, romantic and affordable experience of a lifetime. Planner’s listen to you and make it happen in the most realistic terms, if something that can’t be done; they can help turn your idea into a better one that can actually work. They will give you peace of mind, they make sure you enjoy your wedding moment and be a relaxed guest at your wedding and not a stressed-out problem solver. They really do understand your vision for your wedding and they’ll make sure your wedding day is the happiest day of your life.

Key west Planner make sure that lot of attention is given to you and to your big day, be it large or small wedding everyone gets the VIP treatment, they know family truly cares about your wedding and they will do everything they can do to make it everything you envisioned and more! They will create you dream day just ask and they will make it happen.
Key west wedding Package – a wedding cake, bamboo or classic round arch, flower decoration, hair and make-up for Bride to be, chair, bamboo torches, live music, limo transportation, romantic dinner with private chef, wedding flowers for the bride, wedding photography, and much more. They will make the most important day of your life unforgettable. There is also a complimentary tost for newlyweds, one hour of photographer (includes upto 50 pic ) and Simple Arch (includes fabric decoration, choice of colors).

They offer effortless planning for every aspect of your wedding day and affordable key west wedding package, Relax, enjoy your big day and leave the rest to them, so be dazzled not frazzled.

They will make sure your life together as husband and wife has a fairly tale beginning!

Role of photographer in wedding

As the saying goes, memories last for a lifetime, for that you have to capture your all memories in one packet & for that you need a good photographer who will help you to remember your wedding just the way you want.
In a complete wedding package, according to me, beautiful designer wedding Invitation card (with accessories), venue examples and photographer is given.
Wedding photography is one of the important activities that come after two or three things. Also, without photography one cannot remember about his/her wedding. It’s a way through which one can get lots of memories in weddings. It encircles the photographs of couples before the wedding, as well as on the wedding and on reception as well. It left all the footprints in life of a couple.
Primarily there are two types of wedding photographers: one is traditional and other is photo-journalistic. A traditional photographer creates more classical posed photos while photo-journalistic captures more focused on capturing candid photos.
But now-a-days contemporary wedding photography is more popular. These capture the entire story and environment, so that whenever one would see those moments it would look real and more revealing & it’s also different from those posed photos because it looks more real than those photos.
While choosing a good photographer you have kept 3 things in mind: personality of the photographer, style of him and his cost. Before selecting any photographer you should get to know about the photographer.
The Photographer should provide you 3 things: Video CD/DVD, images in the form of a slideshow and in the album.
Now the second important thing is choosing the right album for your wedding. There are many varieties of albums in the market like traditional matted albums, contemporary style, hardbound style or scrapbook style or any other. You can choose according to your budget and according to your need. Also while giving photographs to you; photographers take some of the pictures with them as a sample. Photographers have to put lots of hard work in editing each and every thing for the albums. They have to put right color, theme, background; clarity would be good, pixels should be good and many things in the right direction in order to get an appreciation from their viewer.
Give careful consideration for your photography budget and invest according to that because these are the main way to keep memorable days of past in the future.

Selecting A Wedding Venue Tips And Guide

When people try and marry, they will surely imagine that it would be a conference which happens only once a new life. Of course, they would not really expect to have your second wedding. At least if they get their very first marriage they do not think in that way. Therefore, just about every couple would want to have an ideal wedding. If you try to be able to plan the particular wedding, you will understand that there are a lot of problems that you would encounter. You will need to tackle these problems in the step-by-step way so that things may be solved. On the list of problems would be to select an acceptable wedding venue. While individuals are very active at choosing the proper clothes, they really forget the incredible importance of choosing acceptable wedding venues. Plenty of points would be involved when people ought to think of wedding venues. To begin with, the location than it is quite essential. And by studying the location than it, people could narrow down the alternatives and they will not really find it so confusing. Beneficial location for wedding venues must be exotic also it should be near to families. When the location is extremely far away, your mother and father and company may need to travel for a long distance and it might be quite problematic indeed. Indeed, it comes to your travel issue. When you set up your wedding, you’ll want to find a venue during which your guests might find places to be able to park their own cars. Should the location of your respective wedding is not all-around urban centers; you also have to give them books when they call at your wedding venues. Otherwise, anyone may be past due to becoming lost in the vacation.

When you start organizing a wedding it can look that you have a tremendous task in advance of you, along with sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. The first items to look at usually are your budget plus the size of one’s guest list, nevertheless the next main item on the list should be locating your wedding venue. With no booking a venue it can be tough to set to start a date for the wedding, and many couples don’t need to announce his or her engagement until eventually they have fixed on a wedding date. Start accumulating information on wedding venues whenever you get operating if not ahead of. The internet is a great way to start your search and you could download pamphlets or inquire venues to post the crooks to you. Receiving plenty of info on various wedding venues in your neighborhood you want to acquire married will assist you to narrow down your pursuit. Ideally you need to start looking at wedding venues twelve to 20 months previous to your wedding to give you plenty of time to consider several, and also to take a next look at the people you really similar to. Try to reserve several week-ends for venue appointments and just look at one on a daily basis so you develop the chance to rest and take up the surroundings. If you want to maintain your wedding ceremony and wedding reception at the exact same venue you have a little bit easier task, but if you’ll need a church wedding you need to start looking since far ahead as possible to make certain your venue as well as the church can be purchased on the same day time. Generally you need to aim to come up with a firm making your reservation for with you final choice of venue nine to twelve many weeks before the wedding. However, if you are marriage on a Weekend in optimum wedding season you may have to book around half a year earlier. In case you are getting married for a popular venue you may want to book even further onward; fashionable wedding venues will surely have waiting directories of two to three years, by incorporating brides to be putting their particular names straight down before many people even acquire engaged.

For people who think that they will hold the wedding throughout hotels, there are also things that they must pay attention to. As an example, they need to think about the size of the area. If there are a variety of guests, the size of everyone in the room may not be spacious enough. In addition, couples might need to decide on the kind of dishes served in the wedding. Would it be a official dinner or maybe a buffet? Everything would have to always be decided from the couples. When people attempt to have wedding using some public places, they may need to seek out approval from the related parties. Not all locations would be utilized as wedding venues in addition to couples might need to check cautiously before they get married. Otherwise, things would suck on the wedding day time and a lot of intricate things will occur. To conclude, it’s not at all very difficult intended for couples to experience a perfect wedding so long as they are happy to think in addition to plan carefully before the wedding. At times, couples might need to have concurrent plans since there may be a few changes in the particular wedding day. Throughout the wedding day partners would be worried and there has to be lot of quick things that need decisions in the couples. Therefore, prepare for those sudden points beforehand would have been a good solution to reduce anxiety on wedding day time.

Wedding is the most important day in a person’s everyday living, so everyone tries to make the wedding time unforgettable. Despite the fact that all arrangements for the wedding enjoy an important role for producing the event effective, but the need for venues is higher as compared to all other arrangements. Venue is a place that is specified as well as designed to hold wedding ceremonies. Any venue has all the facilities and offers enough area to a large number of people successfully. Most of additional wedding arrangements are usually dependent and influenced from the venue, so it goes that venue is a crucial factor to create the wedding event successful or unsuccessful. There are several venues all over the world which have been known on account of providing features to the company that make the stay in excess of there cozy. Before hiring wedding venues, folks must hold few issues in mind so your venue is perfect for the wedding. There is no doubt that individuals have to consider their budget before selecting a wedding venue, but it have to be considered that the wedding venue provides enough space to the number of family and friends invited within a wedding. A wedding venue that is certainly very small or perhaps too large to the number of friends is not well suited for making the event wonderful; however it can kill all wedding arrangements.

Wedding is the most get together of the existence which brings brand-new meanings alive. So as to tag the beginning of a contented journey involving married life, it is important to celebrate the particular moments connected with wedding celebrations inside best possible way. In order to make your ideal wedding the most appreciated memory for you and an enjoyable event for the guests who’ll come from considerably and near bless you, many methods from wedding photography to help wedding feast must be wonderful. For the you need to simply select the best one of many various wedding venues in any city, which often suit the taste and standard. Concept of the relationship plays a crucial role in picking the wedding venue in any city. You first need to select your current wedding theme, which is often garden wedding, fairy tale wedding, palatial wedding etc after which it search for the wedding venues in any location which can be very easily adapted much like your wedding theme. Once the listing of such wedding venues is ready, you need to shortlist a few one of those which are suitable for your budget along with catering demands. Before taking any decision, it is advisable to visit these kinds of wedding venues and select this you find the most beneficial suitable regarding facilities, companies and hospitality. While you are arranging the wedding parties, you need to shell out special interest towards the menus of the wedding banquet so that the companies are catered well. For your, its preferable to first determine the food products and refreshments you would like to add in your wedding food and then focus on the same using the chefs in the wedding venue in any area you have decided on. By doing so, you could avoid the last-minute hassles.

Tips Of Choosing Designer Sarees And Designer Saree Blouses

Special wedding codes should be adhered to when doing a wedding and are designed by experts. Many countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, these designs of wedding saris are preferably made from experts who are equipped with the skills on making a variety of the wedding gowns. Some of the many Indian Saris you can get in many boutiques dealing with selling wedding gowns include; Anarkali Salwar Suit, Patiala Salwar Kameez, Churidar Salwar Kameez and so on. A person can make orders of the dresses and once that has been done, delivery is done to the customers premises thus saving them many expenses which they might have incurred.

There are so many designer sarees and designer saree blouses which are among the amazing offers in most weddings and some of the dresses you can get in boutiques include;

1.Yellow Cotton Churidar Kameez: This is designed with yellow colors containing beautiful flowers printed on them together with geometric print and patch work. With different designer saris and designer sari blouses, one can differentiate them through their various colors and Patch Patti.

2.Black Faux Georgette Churidar: You can find this in black color with different patch works, sequins, resham and colors. Comes with many accompaniments when sold to customers and they become necessary to people when they are buying so that they can match with the dress. Due to fabric limitations, this dress is made in many dimensions and one can differentiate various designs by considering their colors and patch Patti patterns.

3.Serene Off-white Cotton Salwar: This is one of the amazing collections of the designer saris and designer sari blouses you can get from most boutiques and its demand is very high. Usually come in the market with many colors, designs and texture thus customers need to make the right choice when buying.

4.Beige and Blue Crepe Silk Salwar Kameez: This design is embroidered with resham, sequins, zari and patch work in form of floral and paisley designs. Many designs which usually come with this are blue faux chiffon dupatta and shantoon salwar which are in various dimensions and styles. There are very slight variations in color and Patti pattern one can get from the major outlets.

5.Cream Cotton Salwar Kameez: Look nicely designed with floral and spiral prints where people can find many designs and styles which come along with this including blue salwar and dupatta designs. It usually unstitched and made in various dimensions with different colors.

The designs of blouses mentioned above are just a few as there are so many of them you can get in many wedding dresses boutiques and from manufacturers. Many customers who may be out of the country and need the designs, they can do online shopping by giving their specifications and personal details to the sellers. Once this is done, delivery is done on their doorsteps where they have to pay for shipping expenses and others costs which may be necessary. Due to the fact that many designs look alike, it is vital for the customer to mention the name of the designer sarees and designer saree blouses when he or she wants to purchase them and other saris online.

Different Ways To Get To Your Wedding

There are so many ways to get to your Wedding. From limousines to a horse and carriage, you can make just getting to your wedding an adventure.

Traditionally the bride and her father make their way to the wedding together. The bridesmaids go separately and the groom and his groomsmen go to the wedding together. If the wedding ceremony is in a different location than the wedding reception, then following the ceremony the bride and groom make their way to the reception as man and wife. This is the traditionally way but times change and in some instances the bride and groom arrive together and make their way up the isle as a team. No matter what way you go, your wedding transport should be comfortable and fun.

The reliable limousine is the most popular choice in wedding transport. There are different types of limousines like stretch limousines and hummers. They range from different sizes and colours. Limousines make a wedding more luxurious and classy and allows your bridal party to be distinctive. The advantage of hiring a limousine for your wedding is that it has a great capacity which is a benefit if you have a large bridal party.

It is not often that you get the chance to drive or ride in a convertible. A fun way to get to your wedding is to hire a luxury convertible. They look sleek and modern. If the size of the wedding dress is not an obstacle, and your wedding party is realitively small, than a covertible can be a nice option. Classic cars like Mustangs and corvettes can also be hired for your big day. You will certainly get alot of attention and classic cars bring more character and a sense of fun to your wedding.

Hiring vintage cars for your wedding day can also add that special charm and elegance to the day. They are generally roomy while at the same day being easy to manoeuvre

You’ve seen some celebrities arrive at the church in a Cinderalla type horse and carriage but it is not an unobtainable option for the rest of us. If the distance to your wedding ceremony and wedding reception is not to far, than a horse and carriage can be a romantic way to get to your wedding. Consider the distance and time of year if this option is appropriate.

For the more adventurous, why not get to your wedding by Harley Davidson motorcycles? There are companies that especially deal with these bikes, and what a wonderful way to arrive at your wedding in a procession of motorcycles. This is a no no during Winter. The bride should still be able to arrive hair intact.

There are other unique ways to get to your wedding. Some depend on your location, budget and of course the weather. If your wedding venue is on the water than a speed boat or gondola can be a fun option. If your budget and location allows why not arrive at your wedding by hot air balloon?

Before choosing your wedding transportation take into consideration your budget, the distance and the wedding season. Which ever wedding transport option you choose make sure that you have fun and make the most of being in a vehicle that you may not get the chance to use again.

For more information visit

Basics Of Invitation Letter

An invitation letter is a type of letter that is written to invite someone to a party, get-together, social event, family celebration, or a business event. Depending on the kind of invitation, it can be a business letter or a friendly invitation. In any of the cases, the format and the structure remains the same as both the types use a perfect combination of present tense as well as the future tense. Present tense states to invite the person and the future tense to ensure that the receiver will surely attend the specified event.

Business invitation letter is a formal way of sending an invitation to clients for a business event or function. The professional letter should have a formal tone as it is one of the most important business marketing strategies. The letter can also have a brief on who is organizing the event and for what purpose. It should also have a perfect date, time, and place of the event. If there is any kind of dress code, it is equally important to mention that. It should also contain the sign off and the end should clearly draw the entire information together supported with a salutation.

Friendly invitation letter is an informal letter of invitation send to friends and relatives for inviting them to attend a specified function. This type of letter is often written for invitation to engagement parties, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, house-warming ceremony, and showers. In clear words the writer should express the details of the party including the place, time, and date of the event. The informal letter can also contain a phrase or a themed approach. In the letter, state appreciation for the guest to attend the party and end it with a positive note.

Be it a business invitation or a friendly invitation, the tone should be positive and in anticipation. Frame the words and language in a way that it leaves a smile on the face of the reader. Clever phrasing, poetry or a themed approach may be appropriate for an informal occasion, but you should express the details clearly. The reason of celebration or conducting the event should also be clearly expressed in impressive words.

Last but not the least, it is very important to send the invitation letters atleast two weeks in advance so as to give enough time to the guest for preparing to attend the event.

Top Ten Wedding Vows Ideas

Wedding vows are the perfect opportunities for anyone and everyone with even the smidgeon of creativity to craft something extra special for that extra special someone.. that too in front of an audience comprising of almost everyone you know. So how do you make your wedding vows stand apart from the rest and be simply the best? Here is a rundown of the Top Ten Wedding Vows Idea”s to help set your prose and poetry talents into motion:-

10. Formal Wedding Vows
Classy. To the point. And the most safe. We kick off our countdown with the most reliable of wedding vow idea”s – formal wedding vows.
9. Descriptive Wedding Vows
Sometimes it is perfectly alright to just give a description of your courtship. Vivid memories, experiences and lessons learnt from your shared past is more than enough to substitute for flowery language.
8. Song Mashup Wedding Vows
Get a playlist of your bride or groom”s favorite songs. Make your own compilation of the lyrics to best resemble your own romance.
7. Poetic Wedding Vows
Poetry always manages to impress loved ones and if you actually have impressive poetic skills, go pen a poem for your wedding vows.
6. Musical Wedding Vows
Similar to song mashup but here you write your own original song, lyrics, and tune to express your devotion to the apple of your eye.
5. Funny Wedding Vows
Adding humor to a serious ceremony sure breaks the monotony and keeps things refreshing and unpredictable. However, beware, if your comic styling”s are not exactly stellar, this type of wedding vow idea has the most potential of backfiring, the only reason for it not being higher on the top ten wedding vows idea”s list.
4. Thoughtful Wedding Vows
Analysis of your relationship laid out before everyone. Risky (and if put carelessly, uninteresting) but thoughts of learning from the past and using that to work towards a better future have always been a pleaser with crowds.

3. Analogical Wedding Vows
Comparing all the aspects of your relationship to the aspects of something else- be it a journey of any kind or the relationship between two animals, most popular being lovebirds. Opens up the field for creative imagery and poetry.
2. Romantic Wedding Vows
Heartfelt words blistering with passion (G-rated passion of course!). There is a reason some wedding vow idea”s are classic, this being the biggest and most cherished one of them.
And with that we have come to the numero uno on the list of top ten wedding vows idea”s.. and the winner is:-
Modern Romantic Wedding Vows
Simply for its flexibility and versatility, Modern romantic wedding vows can be an amalgamation of the finest aspects of every other wedding vows idea on this list so how could it not top them all? Diversity is beautiful, diversity combining all of its varied elements to work together to enhance love and sincerity is something else altogether. Masterpieces are made out of modern romantic wedding vows. This is the kind of wedding vow you should be going for. That”s our rock solid recommendation.
Ultimately, the choice of wedding vows ideas comes down to one”s tastes and sensibilities. Whatever you choose, make your vows something the top ten wedding vows ideas compilation would be proud of.

Latest Trends In Indian Wedding Cards

Invitation cards are a mandatory part of all the Indian weddings. Selecting an Indian wedding card, irrespective of the religion, is no less than a serious matter of several days involving a lot of considerations amongst a lot of important people in the family; thus playing a pivotal role in the marriage. Some people use these as a gesture to continue the age old ritual of sending invitation prevalent during those times when there were no other means of invitation. Some people send them to showcase their taste and style through customized invitations. Some people send them just to avoid unnecessary complexities which might among their relatives having orthodox mindset!

Recent Trends in Indian Wedding Cards

Since the olden days, these Indian wedding cards have come a long way and have evolved a lot in style and elegance. Today they stand for style, personality and also depict the invitees class! Following are some of the latest trends seen in Indian wedding cards-

3D texture is used in Indian wedding cards as a highlighter these days. Such an element is seen as unique. This can be a plastic or metal religious symbol pasted on the front page, or a flower on top, or just laces and wires used as decorative.

Couple sketches or pictures are also quite prevalent in some Indian wedding cards. Ideally engagement pictures are used for the purpose. It also adds a personalized touch.

The wordings chosen in Indian wedding cards have also moved from formal to a casual tone. A special care is taken here so that they appear to be woven with extra love and affection and do not look arrogant or too blunt.

Judge the book by its cover is the new mantra! The couples to be have always taken care in designing and accessorising their marriage cards, but now they even pay attention to how the envelope looks like!

The retro look is in these days. From offbeat silvers and pastel shades, the Indian wedding cards are again going back to older richer designs and floral vine decorations. Vintage fonts and other classy designs are also in. they even include quotes and sayings from ancient scriptures.

Wedding theme also plays an important role in designing the invite. If the theme is royal wedding, the wedding card might be in a Farman or scroll pattern.

The use of handmade paper is also on a rise as seen in the selection of Indian wedding cards. These cards bring on an elegant texture, also being environment friendly.